Cornish music group Dalla are bringing the Music and Song of Cornwall to a worldwide audience
The exciting sound of Dalla brings Cornish music to life in their long awaited CD 'a richer vein'

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buy CDs and downloads

buy CDs and downloads

K5K5 (2013)

CribbarCribbar (2010)

RoozRooz (2007)

More SaltMore Salt (2004)

A Richer VeinA Richer Vein (2001)


You can listen to extracts from our CDs on and 

Buy CDs - Online:     - Specialist site for Cornish music CDs.     - Great US based site for CDs of all descriptions.

Download tracks:      - Specialist site for Cornish music downloads.

Dalla's music is also available from iTunes  and all major download sites.

Buy CDs - Offline - Mail order from:

Chy Ambel
Carn Brea
TR15 3YX
Kernow UK

K5: 13.50 UK Sterling

Cribbar: 13.50 UK Sterling

Rooz: 13.50 UK Sterling

More Salt: 15.50 UK Sterling

A Richer Vein: 13.50 UK Sterling

All prices include p&p.

(Cheques payable to Dalla)

Retail CD Distribution:

Kesson Ltd.    

Fooch - Cornish tune book

Fooch - Favourite Cornish Session and Dance Tunes Fooch is an extraordinarily popular Cornish tune book with 68 tunes lovingly chosen (and played on the two audio CDs included) by Dalla's own Neil Davey plus cross references to Cornish 'Nos Lowen' and 'Troyl' dances. The book features many of the tunes to be found on Dalla's recordings.

Fooch is available from Dalla (address as above) price 16.50 including UK p&p (18 including overseas p&p)

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